Thursday, January 22, 2009

BBB: Croissants

I've scaled my mount Everest of baking, now what?

I've always wanted to make croissants, it's one of those impossible things you think is way too hard to even attempt, so you give up before you even get started. Having a bit of extra time on my hands, and a bit of leftover holiday baking butter, I decided, why not try?!

My tummy is so glad I did (my thighs are not).

After an initial failed attempt (see picture below) using the recipe from Thyme for cooking (never trust anyone without a working oven), I tried the breadchick version with much success!

I ran into some trouble with my weakling arms and attempting to roll the dough
thin enough. Luckily the husbots ripped arms came to the plate and took over until
I deemed the dough was just right.

(artistic rendering of the husbot)

Actually, after my initial failed attempt at rolling the second-attempt recipe, I wadded up the half-rolled dough in frustration (headed to the trash) and the husbot convinced me to try again. So, I let it rise again again for an hour, hoping my mistakes would work themselves out. And they did! After an hour of sitting in the sun, we rolled the (warm) dough large enough to fit the butter square. And the rest is history.

I made: plain, chocolate, and parmesean cheese+rosemary+garlic verions of these croissants, and they were subsequently gobbled up by our friends during movie night.

Thanks bread babes for the opportunity! I've been a bread follower for awhile, but
I'm usually too intimidated to hop on board. I'm so glad I did this time
(well, my tummy is, the thighs might need some persuasion).

If you want to take the trek up mount croissant, check out the links and
recipes on the Thyme For Cooking blog.

While I might not make these regularly, it gave me a much greater appreciation
for the fine folks are my local bakery who do!

(first attempt, underneath coffee and tea grinds - much caffeiene went into
the making of these delicacies)


katiez said...

My oven works just fine! (she sighs, tearfully)
It's just not unpacked or plugged in yet...
But it will be... (I hope)
Lovely croissants And I love the husbot!

Hygeian Stew said...

My mistake :) I'm looking forward to seeing the creations that come out of it once it IS unpacked and plugged in!

Mevrouw Cupcake said...

OMG, your croissants look FABULOUS! You should feel proud! The different flavor combos sounded yummy, too!

natalia said...

Ciao ! I'm soory for the firs batch the second is gorgeous !!!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Once again proving that the second time around is better ;)
Really ideas, recipes and thinking we can't do that . . . I've fallen into that trap too often. So glad you baked these with us! I love finding out I can do these.
Great croissants.
Like the husbot too.