Tuesday, February 19, 2008

V-Day 09

This valentines I had one desire...delicious layered chocolate cake.

Roadblock: the man doesn't like chocolate cake, or chocolate frosting (I didn't ask-but my guess is he probably doesn't dig chocolate whipped cream filling too much either...me thinks he might be an alien-luckily for me, we have nicole kidman on the job).

Desire fulfilled: some friends of ours needed a V-day dinner delivered (due to medical problems and the inability of the other half to cook much beyond mac & cheese).

Game Plan: chocolate layered cake for us, apple pie for the man.

After searching countless cookbooks i came across this chocolate heart cake that fit the bill. Not wanting to give our friends half a heart (nor did I much feel like purchasing a one-time-use pan) I made mine in a good old 9" round pan, with superb success.

The process encompassed a three day period from start to finish:
Night 1 - Bake the cake and cool (store in fridge)
Night 2 - Whip chocolate filling, assemble cake, and frost with ganache
Afternoon 3 - make truffles from leftover ganache and decorate cake

Our V-day feast included:
Italian Sausage Lasagna (recipe courtesy of Betty Crocker)
Rosemary & Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Lemon Butter Steamed Broccoli
Homemade Bread Wish Fresh Oregano & Rosemary (with olive oil and balsamic to dip)
Cartilage and Brown (doesn't that sound appetizing) Red Wine

Apple pie (Actually the 'apple wrapper pie' also from the great BC)
Chocolate layer cake
French press Kona coffee

Don't you wish your were my valentine??

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