Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sushi, the unatainable dream for midwesterners. I used to say "i don't eat sushi, because we can't get fresh fish here". I now think different, but am still leary of any kind of 'fresh fish' dish in the midwest (save catfish-and so far I haven't seen that as a sushi highlight...except for these crazy cats).

However, the lure to create my own sushi masterpiece has grown to new heights, fueled by a series of well written instructables.

Tonight at 8:00 I decided it was high time, I conquered sushi. I found a sushi mat at world market (i know, i know--but in my defence, the previous midwest argument), smoked salmon and nori and set off on an adventure. As the pictures show, my rolling technique needs some work, but all in all my cucumber-cream cheese-smoked salmon rolls came out pretty good. To heck with the fact that no self-respect legit sushi maker would put include cream cheese...referring to that Midwesterner argument: everything's better with cream cheese in it!

I tried to make some sesame fish sticks for appetizers. They turned out well, but were a bit too sesame-y, i think maybe next time they could do with some added spices in the batter.

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Tom Page said...

Hey! This looks great. You'll have to make this when I come up to Lawrence next time.