Monday, November 19, 2007

Simple Salad

The last installment of our summer farmers alliance drop off a few weeks ago, brought delicious salad greens and a variety of colorful baby tomatoes. The virtues of the tomato can often be found listed in various websites (such as vitamin C, thiamine, and riboflavin), but the phenomenon of lycopene is rarely explained, which is a shame. Lycopene is a potent carotenoid antioxidant which, astonishingly, is not broken down, but in fact increases it's bioavailability (your bodies ability to use it) during processing (unlike it's weakling cousin vitamin C, which can't take the heat...and therefore should get out of the kitchen!). So fill up on those tomatoes (if there's any left) and don't feel guilty about cooking them down because the lycopene levels will go up and up!

Simple Salad
salad greens
baby tomatoes
goat cheese crumbles
balsamic vinegar

Mix and enjoy!


Angela said...

yum. i love fresh toms, in fact won't eat them "raw" unless they ARE fresh -- hate the hot house bogus things they try to pass off in the grocery. my latest fresh veggie obsession (well, has been for a few years, since we came back from italy) is ARUGULA. can you grow that around here?
here's to more free time for you to explore more food joys :)

Hygeian Stew said...

Thanks for the comment angela! i don't know much about arugula, but i have a friend who loves to make arugula pesto in the summer.