Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dessert, there's always time for you

I'm busy, as usual, ergo the past two weeks have wrought a lot of left-over creations to our household. Luckily for me, I managed to snag a wonderful husband who will eat ANYTHING I make (even stuff I won't touch).

(leftover surprise: four types of rice mixed up and reheated with
leftover vegetables soup, topped with sauteed rainbow chard...yum!)

Also, our microwave went on the fritz a few weeks ago, so recently I have been relearning how to cook some things on the stove top. It's actually kind of a fun experience, and the extra counter space where the behemoth microwave used to sit has been repopulated with other appliances. I wrestled with the idea of buying a new one, or maybe getting a toaster oven instead. I think for now we'll go without, and learn to appreciate the extra minutes it takes to re-heat something on the stove top. I've found the extra time it takes are well spent tidying up the kitchen.

One thing I'm trying not to neglect with my busy school time is the ever-present need for dessert. I recently baked a apple tart for a dinner with friends, complete with 5 types of local apples. Also, I picked up a few local pie pumpkins and tried my hand at pumpkin pie from scratch. I'm not sure if it's worth all the work, but it is nice to avoid the cans and end up with a free savory snack of pumpkin seeds!

(photos of completed pumpkin pie to follow...if the sun ever comes back)


Blanchardlawn said...

Ooo, what is your pumpkin seed recipe?

Anonymous said...

Our microwave died over a year ago and we decided to do without. We have a toaster oven that we love. It forces you to be healthier, ie. heating leftovers in plastic is not even an option! It's also nice in the summer when you want to heat something without heating the entire house.
Way to keep up all the cooking and baking even when you're tired. Your friends love the goodies!